Nurse Call

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Code Alert® Quick Response® Premiere Wireless Call Solution

The Code Alert® Quick Response® Premiere Wireless Call System provides residents with:

Immediate Event Notification

The Code Alert Wireless Nurse Call System is a nurse and emergency call system that offers residents the ability to reliably summon caregiver assistance with the touch of a button or pull of a cord. This wireless call system is designed to allow maximum resident dignity and mobility, and to immediately notify staff whenever assistance is needed no matter where your staff members are.

Proven. Tested. Certified.

All Code Alert Wireless Nurse Call System Components have been independently tested by ETL Laboratories to the UL 1069, Edition 7 Standard for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment; it is the only major wireless call system to bear this distinction. This assures resident’s calls for help will be heard – every time.

Call Device Options

Call devices are available in various styles including:

  • Mobile call pendants
  • Fixed pull cord, call cord, and push button stations
  • Door/window opening sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Motion detectors

Each call device signal is sent wirelessly to a receiver that communicates with the Code Alert software, resulting in both an audible and a visual event indication which can be transmitted to a variety of handheld devices for staff. A single Code Alert Wireless Call System accommodates thousands of transmitters, allowing for coverage of an entire campus.

Improve Your Quality of Care with Data

In addition to immediately relaying an alarm to staff, the Code Alert software stores important event and resident information. The history log maintains a record of the time and cause of each event, the resident involved, how long it took to respond, and the duration of care. This data can be used to proactively plan for resident needs and improve the efficiency and quality of care. Additional resident information, such as medical history and an emergency contact list is available for immediate access.