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Code Alert® Quick Response® Plus Wireless Call Solution

The Code Alert® Quick Response® Plus Wireless Call Solution, which utilizes the reliability and scalability of the Inovonics® EchoStream® product line, is a computer-based system used in facilities where residents are more mobile and room level location of residents is not required.

Locate Residents Quickly with Smart ID™ Technology

The new Smart ID Location Detection Technology is a cost-effective solution for long-term care facilities that require location of the resident narrowed down to common areas and residents’ living areas. When a resident pushes a pendant button, the location of the nearest repeater and the resident’s name and room number are promptly transmitted to the caregiver.

The Quick Response Plus wireless nurse call solution features call pendants, which are available as a necklace, belt clip or wristband; easy-to-use touch screen monitor software, smoke detector integration and reporting capabilities.

For a quicker response time, caregivers can receive alerts at the PC control station or from a variety of signaling devices, including:

  • Pagers
  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Quick Look™ LED displays
  • Wireless phones